We regularly interview founders, hackers, makers, scientists, and thinkers subverting the status quo.

We believe that you should be able to hear from founders, thinkers, hackers, makers, and scientists without having to sit in a classroom or in a "program" of some kind. That's why we launched our podcasts.

Check out Founders First if you want to listen to founders talking about how they got started. Choose Subversion with 1517 if you're looking for something "weird" and more heady.


Interviews with hackers, makers, scientists, investors, and those going against the status quo. This is released as new content is developed.

Founders First

Interviews with 1517 Fund portfolio company founders about their firsts: first projects, first companies, first raises, first hires, first fires, and more. This is released on a season format.

Recent Episodes

Subversion, 25