We back founders first.

We're a venture capital firm backing founders at the earliest stages of their careers and companies.
Investing in teams led by dropouts, Deep-Tech scientists, and founders working outside of tracked institutions.

Talent Discovery & Exceptional Results

We helped launch and run the Thiel Fellowship, working alongside Peter Thiel to identify and work with young founders building new technology. 1517 exists to scale that knowledge discovering exceptional talent.

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“You believed in me first."
Stephen Balaban, founder & CEO, Lambda
"1517 has financed the best education I've ever received."
Alex Schwarzkopf, co-founder & CEO, Pillar

Building a Global Community of Founders, Makers & Subversives

We work with young hackers, makers, scientists, and founders working outside of tracked institutions all over the world.

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If you're a hacker, maker, or scientist working outside of universities and tracked institutions, we'd love to hear from you.
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