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If you are a hacker, maker, founder, or scientist working outside of tracked institutions or universities, get in touch with us.

Get in touch.

Let's chat! Tell us about what you're working on and how we might be able to help. We'll do our best to get back to you with help or resources, if we're able to provide them.

Please familiarize yourself with our thesis before you chat with us! We prioritize working with dropouts and those working outside of tracked institutions like universities.

Please also check out our Anti-Pitch Playbook to learn about how we think about investments.

What's your thesis again?

We prioritize working with current college students, dropouts, and those who never went to college; we also make some investments in deep tech teams led by scientists and engineers. "1517" is the year the Reformation started -- we believe it is time for a new Reformation.

At what stage do you typically invest?

We invest at the first institutional round of financing, typically when a team is raising $500,000 - $1.5mm.

I need money by the end of this week! will you invest?

Probably not. We prefer to learn more about you as a founder and learn how to best work with you over time, so reach out earlier rather than later! If we decide to do diligence on a company, it takes us about a month from beginning to end.

will you lead rounds?

Yes. We are happy to lead rounds.

What industries do you invest in?

We mostly invest in B2B SaaS, hardware with a data play, and deep tech. We have a "never say never" approach to the right teams, though, so if you fall outside of those categories, still reach out.

Where do you invest?

We currently make investments across North America.

When will you get back to me?

We get back to most -- but not all -- submissions, and usually within the week.

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