"If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it; for the known way is an impasse."            --Heraclitus

1517 partners with founders in a number of ways: mentorship and community building, kickstart grants of one-thousand dollars, and capital partnership through investment. 

First and foremost, we're about founding teams. We know that change happens rapidly in startups, so we work with people who are thoughtful and are working with conviction to build great companies. We're less interested in things that are popular and more interested in ideas that are novel and have a contrarian edge. Our typical investment size is $250,000 for founding teams to start pilots of their work. That said, we love to hear from founders far before they are ready for investment since we believe in funding people that we have built a relationship with over time.

We support our portfolio companies and grantees with mentorship, funding, and through a robust community of peers and mentors to go the long haul together. 

Portfolio Companies


At 1517 we know that a little support can go a long way, so we support individuals and teams with small grants of $1K to help them get started. Sometimes we meet these teams at office hours on campus, at hackathons, and sometimes through our contact form, so do reach out! The process is simple: tell us what you're up to, how the grant would help, and if we bite, we'll Venmo the payment. 

Seven of our current portfolio companies started out as $1K grantees including Fleet, Foxtrot, Neurun, DeepGram, and Amper. Many grantees go on build teams and raise additional capital, a few companies started by our grantees are listed below.